Image collage displaying David Kontorovsky

About me

The short version

Hi! I’m David Kontorovsky, a.k.a “DK”. I’m a Front-End Engineer based in Orange County, California. I love working on the frontend of web applications, creating user interfaces, re-usable components and, for the most part, translating beautiful designs and concepts into frontend code. Ocassionally, I also tinker with backend code and I find it to be a lot of fun.

The longer version

I have 10+ years of experience. I have worked at startups, agencies and larger organizations following scrum methodology. This experience has allowed me to work with a wide range of technologies, frontend and backend, from good ‘ol LAMP/LEMP stack, old school WordPress and Drupal sites, to more modern JAMStack apps/sites using Javascript/ES6+, TypeScript, React, NextJS, APIs, headless CMS systems, Node, Express, and more.

My educational background starts with Systems Engineering, steps into a legal career, and circles back to internet programming. Whether for work or personal, I found my passion in coding.

I also love sharing. Giving back is important. In 2019 I started my journey into content creation. My YouTube channel and podcast, “Se Habla Código”, was born to facilitate sharing knowledge and ideas with fellow developers. I decided to do it in Spanish because Spanish is my native languange (Venezuela 🇻🇪 ), I wanted to engage with Spanish-speaking colleages in other countries, and I also wanted to keep my Spanish technical terms in check 😉

As much as I love coding, I also love photography, gadgets, and traveling with my family.