Hello, I'm
David Kontorovsky
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I Turn Designs Into Code

Design systems, user interfaces, and reusable components are my thing.


Content Creation

Find me on YouTube and major podcast platforms under "Se Habla Código" for Spanish content,  and under my name, for English content.

Tech Stack

It's all about fundamentals and frameworks. The latter often changes.

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Great UI development starts with the fundamentals: HTML, CSS and JavaScript, closely followed by TypeScript and Node JS.

My framework of choice in recent years has been React, but I constantly explore what's out there: Svelte, SvelteKit, Astro, NextJS...

On the styling front, I am a big fan of keeping things simple with CSS modules, PostCSS or Sass, and Material UI.

Additional experience: Bootstrap, TailwindCSS, REST, GraphQL, Netlify, Vercel, Digital Ocean, and more.


I'm a better designer today having worked with David. We have spent countless of hours discussing, disagreeing and settling on semantics and the use of the word “primary”. David truly understands the meaning of foundational work and systems that need to be in place in order to fully evolve that foundation into a wonderful experience. He has a very keen understanding of the intricacies of our design process and trusts it. David has been absolutely crucial in our work redesigning the app experience while looking ahead and future proof potential directions in the future. Whether you're looking to improve your development process, leading people together towards a shared vision, bridging gaps between teams or just need to ask a bunch of random code questions and how they pertain to design… with David in it, he makes every team better.

Tony Aksoy, Design Lead, ADP.
Aug 2022, via LinkedIn.

I have had the pleasure of working with David over the last 4 years. I appreciate his willingness to take on scrum master responsibilities in addition to being a developer on that same team at Workday. He is a natural in the scrum master role due to his people skills. As a developer, he was always open to learning new technologies whether it was for a project at work or for his own professional development. His learnings benefitted his team mates, as he was always willing to share his knowledge. I thoroughly enjoy working with him.

Denise Angelo, QA Manager, Workday.
Dec 2019, via LinkedIn.

I've worked closely with David to create a number of UI components with some complex micro-interactions. He's eager to get it right, he checks his work, and he delivers the functionality as it was spec'd time and again. And he does it with a great attitude.

Steve Psomas, UX Director, Workday.
Oct 2018, via LinkedIn.

David was a valuable member of the JStokes team. As our Senior Web Developer, we relied on him to execute everything from landing experiences to digital banners to mobile-first websites. No matter how big or small the project, he met the challenge with positive energy and expertise. He's the kind of guy who is constantly learning new tools, and trying to find better ways of doing things. A true team player and genuinely nice person to work with, David would be an asset to any organization or agency.

Sonia Minden, Digital Content Strategist & Project Manager, JStokes Agency.
Aug 2017, via Hired.

David began working within my organization about a year ago. He's a generally self-taught programmer who works tirelessly to succeed. His attitude is outstanding and his commitment to a good solution is great! David is a utility team player and a fine addition to any team. THANKS David!

Ginger Taylor, Sr. Director Workday Community, Workday.
Nov 2015, via LinkedIn.

David is fast learner and also on top of the latest IT technologies. He is smart and hardworking. I will be thrilled to work with him again.

Kebing Yu, Senior Software Engineer, QuinStreet.
Sep 2014, via LinkedIn.

David is a smart developer and learns new technologies quickly. Extremely hard working and has "whatever it takes" attitude. He is very passionate about web development and any topics related to tech. It's my pleasure to have David on our team.

Anthony Leung, Engineering Manager, QuinStreet.
Aug 2014, via LinkedIn.